ÔlaC festival 2017

Regulations and terms of participation

The organizer reserves the right, for technical reason.
> To restrict the number of participants.
> To modify the line-up of the festival or maintain any other decision required for its proceedings.
> To use pictures and videos taken of the artist during the festival to promote the ÔlaC festival and the associations Circo Bello, Analya Creation as well as the Manège de Colombier.
> To decide where the rigging spots are to be.

Proof of identity
> Every artist and his or her accompany have to be in possession of a valid identity card. You will be asked to show it on arrival by the organization of the festival

The age division
> Category 8 -12 years > Category 13 – 17
> Category 18 and more

> Group (2 or more) or solo.

The oldest artist’s age of the group will define in which category the group will be placed.

The jury is entirely free to decide how to attribute the prices available.

The jury is entirely free to decide how to attribute the prices available
Numerous prices worth 5000sfr plus different surprises and rewards.

The organization will not be responsible

> for any injuries caused during the show.

> for any loss or theft.

> concerning minors, they are under the care of their parents or an accompany of age during the entire festival, night included.

The school and/ or artist agrees in :

> not demanding any fee or authors rights on the retransmission of the shows.

> not demanding reimbursement for transportation to and from the ÔlaC festival.

> to organize on their own behalf every insurance necessary (accident, personal liability insurance).

To gain access to the registration for the preselection of the ÔlaC festival please accept the rules and general conditions